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Inti Vanmechelen
Inti Vanmechelen on 28 Dec 2015
Edited: Kirby Fears on 28 Dec 2015
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? In the first part of the code, what I want to do is perfectly working. But in the scond part, excel keeps giving me 'soleus' for all the 6 columns instead of the six different muscles.
names2 = {'soleus' 'tibant' 'gaslat' 'vaslat' 'rectfem' 'hamlat'};
motion = { 'Gait', 'StairUp', 'StairDown' };
names2 = {'soleus' 'tibant' 'gaslat' 'vaslat' 'rectfem' 'hamlat'};
xlswrite('Muscle Duration',names2,'AdDB','A2:A7');
xlswrite('Muscle Duration',motion,'AdDB','B1:D1');
xlswrite('Muscle Duration',MuscleActivity.AdDB,'AdDB','B2:D7')
Thank you!
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Sivakumaran Chandrasekaran
just now i checked this. you can do from columns to columns.. but not from row to row. however it will have some other option . let me tell you tmrw. interesting question and interesting MATLAB

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Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears on 28 Dec 2015
Edited: Kirby Fears on 28 Dec 2015
When writing to a row, specify your data as a row vector. When writing to a column, specify your data as a column vector.
In your code:
xlswrite('Muscle Duration',names2,'AdDB','A2:A7');
Column A from 2 to 7 is the output range (a column vector) but names2 is a row vector. Just apply the transpose operator (apostrophe) to names 2 to make it a column vector.
xlswrite('Muscle Duration', names2','AdDB','A2:A7');

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