Figure title/labels in LaTex cutoff

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Peter Peterson
Peter Peterson on 6 Mar 2011
Commented: Daniel on 15 Oct 2020
Hi. If you run a code like title('$$\frac{1}{2}$$','interpreter','latex','fontsize',20) Matlab will set the title '1/2' on a figure window, neatly written in LaTex. However, the estimated size of this text is smaller than it really is, so the upper most part is cut off from the figure (hidden underneath the menubar)
I've tried to come up with a general solution using position, outerposition, extent, etc... But I haven't had any luck. The same is the case for x- & ylabels, written with LaTex.
Anyone out there who has a solution, or is up for the challenge to find one? Thank you!

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jay on 27 Apr 2012
% in order to make matlab to do not "cut" latex-interpreted axes labels %
set(gca, Units,normalized, Position,[0.15 0.2 0.75 0.7]);
Then play around with the values in 'Position' until the frame looks right.
Daniel on 15 Oct 2020
Apparently, this won't work in TiledLayout: "Setting this property has no effect when the parent container is a TiledChartLayout."
Any other solutions? My colorbar label is being cut off.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 7 Mar 2011
what if you adjust the font size? title('$$\frac{1}{2}$$','interpreter','latex','fontsize',10) looks acceptable to me when the figure is in its default window size.
title('$$\frac{1}{2}$$','interpreter','latex','fontsize',20) looks good when the figure window is in full screen.
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Peter Peterson
Peter Peterson on 7 Mar 2011
True, but that really isn't the point here. The fontsize 20 is just to make an easy example. Fontsize 1 would produce the same error, for a bigger (higher) LaTex-text. Fontsize 20 works fine for normal (non-LaTex) interpretation of the text. It's the LaTex-interpretation, not the fontsize, which is the problem

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Germán on 17 May 2011
I also get the same issue with the Tex interpreter, it usually cuts the \rangle or \langle character in ylabel or xlabel depending the font size.

Peter on 22 Mar 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 15 Nov 2017
I have the same problem, when using the FEX contribution fig in combination with for example:
xlabel('time $t$','Interpreter','latex');

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