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Simulink scope autoscale

Asked by Raldi
on 17 Jan 2012
Hi everyone, i was wondering if there is a way for a scope i use in a simulink model to automaticaly autoscale. Maybe from adding a code to its startfunction???


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4 Answers

Titus Edelhofer 님의 답변 18 Jan 2012
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Hi Raldi,
assuming the scope blocks are open, the following piece of code does the autoscaling for you:
% find all scope blocks as MATLAB figures:
set(0, 'showhiddenhandles', 'on')
scope = findobj(0, 'Tag', 'SIMULINK_SIMSCOPE_FIGURE');
for i=1:length(scope)
% this is the callback of the "autoscale" button:
simscope('ScopeBar', 'ActionIcon', 'Find', scope(i))
set(0, 'showhiddenhandles', 'off')


Sorry my bad it is working!!! Thanks Titus...
Where did you implement this Raldi? I'm not sure how to use the code that Titus supplied. I tried adding it in a Matlab Function that runs in the Simulink model, but that didn't work
I also tried just running the code in Matlab afterwards and that did nothing. What did you do?
on 18 Sep 2013
To make the autoscale function automatically i created a matlab function with the code above. The code will be executed each certain period of time. In my case 3 seconds, i did it with this function and the block clock of Simulink. the function that i have created is this one: -------- function u=scope(y) % find all scope blocks as MATLAB figures: u=0; z=mod(y,3)==0 if(z==1) set(0, 'showhiddenhandles', 'on') scope = findobj(0, 'Tag', 'SIMULINK_SIMSCOPE_FIGURE'); for i=1:length(scope) % this is the callback of the "autoscale" button: simscope('ScopeBar', 'ActionIcon', 'Find', scope(i)) end set(0, 'showhiddenhandles', 'off') end
end ----------- Then, in the clock block i selected 1000 as decimation and i use this code in a "interpreted Matlab function" block just writting "scope" in the label "Matlab function". I drive the output of this function to a scope but this output is not really interesting.
best regards

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Ilham Hardy 님의 답변 17 Jan 2012

By clicking the binocular button on the scope, perhaps?

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well i said automatically so this excludes clicking stuff :)

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Answer by TAB
on 18 Jan 2012

Add below piece of code in your 'StopFcn' callback function. When the simulation is completed, it will open and autoscale all the scopes in the model.
for x=1:length(bh) %close all scope
for x=1:length(bh)
AxesInScope = findall(fh,'type','axes');
for y=1:length(AxesInScope)


Still, it wont autoscale it. It only opens a figure in the end of the simulation. Does it have any relevance that i am using a scope with two inputs?
What if i somehow used set Ymin = min(inout) Ymax = max(inout)... is this possible?
TAB 18 Jan 2012
As your scope is reading 2 inputs, previous code was autoscaling only one graph keeping other as it is.
I have updated the code so that it can work for multiple input scopes.

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Andreas Goser 님의 답변 18 Jan 2012

Typically, when users describe this, they are happy with the Time Scope Block from DSP System Toolbox. Here is the link to the documentation.
Especially, as Raldi is working at a university in the field of Signal Processing, this product should be available. Note that previous versions used different names like Signal Processing Blockset or DSP Blockset.


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Well, then you might need to write your own block (s-function).
Yeah i figured you might say that. The thing is that i am not sure how to do that.
i think there is another way, ill try to change its YLim throygh my gui and update it.

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