How to split a matrix by a column by whether values are greater or less than a number

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I have a matrix:
I would like to split this into two new matrices which are dependent on whether the values in column C are greater than 7 or less than 7.
I have tried a loop:
for i=1:12
if matrix(i,3)>7
elseif matrix(i,3)<7
this did not give me two matrices.
Can anyone help? Many thanks

Accepted Answer

Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy on 20 Jan 2016
A = [5;3;6;1;7;8;2;3;4;8;6;5];
B = [45;25;36;87;45;14;2;31;59;6;47;2];
C = [4;5;8;6;11;14;9;5;1;19;3;10];
matt = [A,B,C];
matt1 = matt(find(matt(:,3)<7),:);
matt2 = matt(find(matt(:,3)>7),:);

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