Hello, I have a problem with for loops and plotting the lines.

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Daniil Rulev
Daniil Rulev el 27 de En. de 2016
Respondida: Amith el 1 de Mzo. de 2023
Good afternoon colleques,
I have a question, I need to plot 181 lines from +90° to -90° using for loop. I have tried this (but it seems to be wrong):
for i=0:1:181 angle=i; for k=1:200
As a results it plots only one line, instead of 181 on different angles.
Looking forward to your answers and suggestions and thank you in advance.

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Amith el 1 de Mzo. de 2023
As per my understanding you wanted to know how to plot 181 lines from +90 to -90 using for loop. Here is a code demonstration to do the same .The angles represent the starting and the ending angles in an array and linecoord represents the starting and ending coordinates of the lines you can adjust it accordingly. In the for loop I have just multiplied the sin and cos angles in degrees to the line coordinates for every angle and have plotted it on the same graph using hold on.
Here is the code for the same,
angles = 90:-1:-90;
linecoord = [0,1];
for angle = angles
x = cosd(angle)*linecoord;
y = sind(angle)*linecoord;
hold on;


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