Plot wont come up

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chase on 3 Feb 2016
Answered: Chibuzo Nnonyelu on 4 Feb 2016
I am using windows 10, matlab r2015a
When i use the plot function, a new window pops up on the bottom taskbar. I can hover my cursor over the new window and it will display the correct plot. but when I click on the window with the plot it is not visible anywhere on my desktop or in matlab. I can't get the window to actually pop up so that i can use it
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Feb 2016
Are you using multiple monitors?

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Chibuzo Nnonyelu
Chibuzo Nnonyelu on 4 Feb 2016
Look out for it in an extended monitor, if you are using more than one monitor.


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