How can I set a variable 0.3 > x > 0.5 for use in calculating a CDF from a PDF?

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I was using gampdf(x,k,th) with values of x = (0.2:0.001:0.6) k = 64 th = 160 and I get a gamma model graph that looks opposite of what it should compared to wikipedia, at which point I code: x = (0.3:0.5) and set gamcdf(x,k,th)

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Chibuzo Nnonyelu
Chibuzo Nnonyelu on 4 Feb 2016
Edited: Chibuzo Nnonyelu on 4 Feb 2016
x = (0.3:0.5) would return only 0.3 because by default, the step is 1. To get numbers between the two values, use
x = 0.3:0.01:0.5;
However, your mathematical expression says entirely different thing. It say numbers below 0.3 and above 0.5. You need a lowerbound and an upperbound.

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