How to plot plate mode shape with thickness

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susanta behera
susanta behera el 12 de Feb. de 2016
Comentada: zainab malik el 14 de Nov. de 2018
I want to plot rectangular plate mode shapes in free vibration. I am able to surface plot the mode shape with (x, y) meshgrid and deflection (w) matrix. My problem is i can not show all the displacements (i.e. u, v and w) which will be shown as a 3D deformed plate (showing thickess, as shown in the reffered fig below). The exact kind of plot which i want can be found in page-7 of paper titled "Three-dimensional free and transient vibration analysis of composite laminated and sandwich rectangular parallelepipeds: Beams, plates and solids". Link for the paper is: I am also attaching the images from page 7 here:
Important: side surfaces must show deformations (either u or v) except for clamped BC case where those must be straight. Can anybody help me please

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Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity el 12 de Feb. de 2016
Here's a simple example that might get you started:
thickness = .2;
[x,y] = meshgrid(linspace(-3,3,40));
% replace this with your deformation
z = cos(x).*cos(y) / 5;
c = z;
% top & bottom faces
% Now the 4 sides
surface([x(1,:); x(1,:)],[y(1,:); y(1,:)], ...
[z(1,:)+thickness; z(1,:)-thickness],[c(1,:); c(1,:)])
surface([x(end,:); x(end,:)],[y(end,:); y(end,:)], ...
[z(end,:)+thickness; z(end,:)-thickness],[c(end,:); c(end,:)])
surface([x(:,1), x(:,1)],[y(:,1), y(:,1)], ...
[z(:,1)+thickness, z(:,1)-thickness],[c(:,1), c(:,1)])
surface([x(:,end), x(:,end)],[y(:,end), y(:,end)], ...
[z(:,end)+thickness, z(:,end)-thickness],[c(:,end), c(:,end)])
axis equal
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zainab malik
zainab malik el 14 de Nov. de 2018
How could we add a patch of any material at the position where there is maximum deflection if we do have the dimensions of the patch?

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