I want to use unicode transportation symbols on plots.

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For example, the rocket symbol U+1F680 in a text command. Can someone point me to the correct code syntax?

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Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity on 23 Feb 2016
The syntax is pretty simple. You'll want to use the UTF-16 form, which looks like this:
text(.5,.5,['Rocket = ', hex2dec('d83d') hex2dec('de80')])
The problem is going to be finding a font that includes it. Very few fonts contain characters like this. The only one I found on my machine was one named 'Segoe UI Symbol'. All of the others displayed "tofu" for this character.
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Jay Pulli
Jay Pulli on 23 Feb 2016
Thanks Mike, I think I got it, will try other symbols.

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