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regarding the startup options

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Ray Lee
Ray Lee on 8 Mar 2016
Commented: Ray Lee on 8 Mar 2016
How do I know if it's ok to run my script with '-nojvm'?
And what's the difference between '-nodesktop' and '-nodispaly -nosplash'?


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Mar 2016
Does your script use any Java objects or graphics? If so, it will likely fail to run under -nojvm. If you want to guard your code and test whether or not Java is available, use JAVACHK or USEJAVA.
As for the startup options, '-nosplash' causes MATLAB to launch without displaying the splash screen as described in the documentation.

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Ray Lee
Ray Lee on 8 Mar 2016
All are matlab script and functions, no figure is plotted and no java class is called. I'm reading doc about `javachk` and `usejava` at
`-nodesktop` is the same as `-nodisplay`?

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