How can I supply reactive power using one of the models of grid-connected pv arrays in simulink?

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There are several models of grid-connected pv arrays in simulink, but all of them supply active power only. How can I supply reactive power in addition to active power?
Is there any documentation about the models? Like how to use them, or how to change the output power?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
Hello David,
I realize this reply is too late to be useful, but hopefully others may find it useful.
Many of these control approaches utilize the d/q frame. When controlling, they will set the Iq current to 0 which will cause it to supply only reactive power. Do not set q to 0, and you can add reactive power. It gets a bit more complicated once you determine specifically how much reactive power you want to add (will need a closed loop control algorithm)
There are examples on file exchange that may be more helpful than trying to build the control algorithm from scratch:

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