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Loading CSV file (date column A, identifier row, rest data)

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Oli on 15 Mar 2016
Commented: Oli on 24 Mar 2016
I want to Import the attached csv with following Code: >> d = dbload('data_US.csv');
If I then check for the variable d, it shows correctly 13 fields, but each of the fields contains only NaN's
Thank you very much


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Oli on 16 Mar 2016
Thank you very much. I am using a code which is partly based on the IRIS toolbox (trying to reproduce a result from a scientific paper which employs IRIS). If you could suggest another command that uploads the file (column A are dates, row 1 beginning in B1 are headers of the columns) into the workspace, it would be equally fine for me. For some reason, the time series appears in the workspace with the correct names, but shows NaN if I open it(even though matlab recognizes the various data format e.g. "Covert to Number" when I open the file in the folder structure)
Star Strider
Star Strider on 16 Mar 2016
There are several options: xlsread, textscan, readtable and others.

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Daniel LaCroix
Daniel LaCroix on 16 Mar 2016
There is a function called csvread that should load the file.
If your file has headers (or anything other than numbers), the command won't work. To get around this, set it to have an offset of one row (and no column offset).
data=csvread('data_US.csv') or data=csvread('data_US.csv',1,0)
You can also select a more specific range of data if you need to, so check out the documentation if that's something you want to do.

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