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Elijah Rockers
Elijah Rockers on 23 Mar 2016
Commented: the cyclist on 25 May 2016
This simplified example of my original problem also exhibits the same behavior. The legend is using the correct marker shapes, but not the correct color. It seems to use the color of the most recently created object.
EDIT: I am using MATLAB R2015b
P1 = scatter(4, 6);
hold on;
P2 = scatter(2, 9);
hold off;
set(P1, 'CData', [1 0 0]);
set(P2, 'CData', [0 0 1]);
set(P1, 'Marker', 's');
set(P2, 'Marker', '^');
legend('P1', 'P2');
xlim([0 10]);
ylim([0 10]);

Accepted Answer

Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity on 23 Mar 2016
That sounds like bug 1283854. If so, it's fixed in R2016a, and there is a patch on the bug report page.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 May 2016
The link worked for me, just now.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 23 Mar 2016
I think you are seeing a known MATLAB bug. Solutions are discussed in this answer.

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