I want to make several matrices from variables taken from user in a loop while performing some operation on them. I have attached a simplified code for my problem. So I want matrices from 1 to k but it is not working. Guide plz

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for i=1:k %loop for data input of k layers
E1(i)=input ('Enter E1 ');
E2(i)=input ('Enter E2 ');
v12(i)=input ('Enter v12 ');
G12(i)=input ('Enter G12 ');
%calculation of paramters for the same layer
%stacking them in a matrix for that layer
Matrix(i)=[a(i) b(i) c(i); c(i) d(i) e(i); d(i) e(i) f(i)]

Accepted Answer

Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears on 6 Apr 2016
Try this out.
maxLoops = 10; % set this value
matrixCollection = cell(maxLoops,1); % Initialize matrix collection
for i = 1:maxLoops,
% get inputs
% perform calculations
% stacking them in a matrix for that layer
matrixCollection{i}=[a(i) b(i) c(i); c(i) d(i) e(i); d(i) e(i) f(i)];
Each matrix will be stored within cells of the cell array called matrixCollection.
Hope this helps.

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