save cell array of strings and doubles to excel file

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Hi, a simple question.
How to save a cell array to a *.xls file? my cell array consists of 2 arrays. one is array of strings and the other is double. using the following command does not work and error occurs. (I have attached my features_score file):
xlswrite('features.csv',cell2mat(features_score(:,1)),'A1'); %array of strings
xlswrite('features.csv',cell2mat(features_score(:,2)),'A2'); %array of double
Error using cat
Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
Error in cell2mat (line 83)
m{n} = cat(1,c{:,n});
Thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears on 15 Apr 2016
You can write cells directly to the file. If you're using xlswrite, you should specify a target file with an .xls or .xlsx extension.
Here's a simple way to do it with dummy data. You should be able to use it with your data the same way.
c1 = {'string';'data';'cell'};
c2 = {1;2;3};
Assuming c1 and c2 are Mx1 cell arrays, this will write M rows into columns A and B of the first sheet.
Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears on 15 Apr 2016
Edited: Kirby Fears on 15 Apr 2016
A delimited text file such as *.csv. I've provided a solution with fprintf in your other thread:

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