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Running command sdruload ('Device','x300) but the answer is No applicable UHD devices found. Why & what need to figure out?

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Hi all members,
I had done very well to update the USRP Radio Firmware update with my first unit of USRP X300.
Recently, I had some issue during running command
sdruload ('Device','x300')
for my others USRP X300.
Why this happen?
What can I do to solve this issue?
Thank you.
>> getSDRuDriverVersion
Win32; Microsoft Visual C++ version 12.0; Boost_105600; UHD_003.009.001-vendor
---------- see libuhd version information above this line ----------
ans =
>> setupsdru
>> radios = findsdru
Checking radio connections...
Warning: The firmware build for the USRP radio at '' is not compatible with the host code build. Update the
USRP radio firmware to version '003.009.001-vendor'. Refer to Troubleshooting section of Getting Started document for
> In coder.internal.warning (line 8)
In reportSDRuStatus (line 41)
In findsdru (line 177)
radios =
Platform: 'X300'
IPAddress: ''
SerialNum: '30BDAE0'
Status: 'Not compatible'
>> sdruload ('Device','x300')
Checking radio connections...
Ready to write default FPGA image to x300 device at
Would you like to continue? [yes/no]: yes
Writing FPGA image using uhd_image_loader...
This may take a few minutes...
Do NOT interrupt this process. Otherwise your device may be bricked.
Warning: Image was not written successfully.
> In sdruload (line 125)
Warning: Please check the following output from uhd_image_loader.
> In sdruload (line 126)
Win32; Microsoft Visual C++ version 12.0; Boost_105600; UHD_003.009.001-vendor
No applicable UHD devices found


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Accepted Answer

Ethem on 31 May 2016
Starting with R2015b version, the USRP support package sdruload function supports X300 and X310 radios.


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Ethem on 24 Aug 2016
We investigated this issue and found that if you talk to an X-series radio, e.g. by uhd_usrp_probe, and immediately try to run uhd_image_loader (which is used by sdruload under the hood) for that X-series radio, uhd_image_loader will give you the error message "No applicable UHD devices found". If you wait for about 6 seconds, then uhd_image_loader will not error out and will be able to load the firmware and the FPGA image successfully.
For sdruload, what happens is if you respond to the question "Would you like to continue? [yes/no]:" with "yes" quickly after the question shows up, you will get the UHD error message "No applicable UHD devices found". As a work around, you can wait for about 6 seconds, then it will be able to upload the new image successfully.
Please let me know if this works.

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