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How to use neural networks toolbox on simulink for controlling a dynamic plant of quadcopter that is using 6DoF Euler Angles Simulink block

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Juan Manuel Sánchez Hernández
Answered: MS on 2 Jan 2017
Hello all, I have done a model for controlling roll, pitch, yaw and Z of a quadcopter, I did it using the 6DoF Euler Angles Simulink´s Block, and I have solved the controll both, with using fuzzy controllers and also with a PID. Now I am trying to use neural networks for control it, and I have tryed the control blocks (Model-Reference and predictive controller), but I don´t know how to use them for this scenario on a propper way, or how I should redo the plant. Because until now, with the other controllers I pick each of the outputs and I do deacoupled control for each one and join them again. I will be very thanked for any help, thank you. Regards.


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