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How can I read a specified, comma seperated text (txt) file line-byline?

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Kalen Timbs
Kalen Timbs on 19 May 2016
Answered: JohnGalt on 19 May 2016
I need to just read the 3 following numerical value from a text file using sscanf line by line:
0.3616813421 V,0 counts,500 ms
0.3567937374 V,0 counts,500 ms
0.3616813421 V,0 counts,500 ms
0.3616813421 V,0 counts,500 ms
0.3665689229 V,0 counts,500 ms
So far i have:
a = fscanf('line','%s %s %s');
But this doesnt seem to work and im unsure as what to do.

Accepted Answer

JohnGalt on 19 May 2016
Now, you say that you'd like the 3 numerical values which can be obtained by:
fileID=fopen('data.txt','r'); % I've removed the 't'
while feof(fileID)~=1
line=fgetl(fileID); % as per OP
a = cell2mat((textscan(line,'%f V,%f counts,%f ms'))); % a is a 3x1 matrix
% do something with 'a'
However, if you wanted to read the file in one go... you could use:
fileID=fopen('data.txt','r'); % I've removed the 't'
a = cell2mat(textscan(fileID,'%f V,%f counts,%f ms'));
There are further improvements that can be made to this code (checking that the file opens correctly, using more appropriate data types etc etc) but this should achieve what you intend.

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