Is it possible to change color for the plot function in opticalFlow class?

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The plot function in opticalFlow class ( see here ) has three name-value pair arguments. I assumed other regular plot arguments would work too but obviously they don't. I tried to use 'color' unsuccessfully.
I plan to superimpose the plots on images and the current blue color is hardly visible... So my question is: is there any way to change the color of this plot?

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Anand el 2 de Jun. de 2016
Unfortunately, this can't be done directly. You need to find a handle to the underlying quiver plot and modify it. Here's some code to help you:
% Compute and plot optic flow
opflow = opticalFlow(randn(100,100),randn(100,100));
plot(opflow,'DecimationFactor',[10 10],'ScaleFactor',10);
% Find quiver handle
q = findobj(gca,'type','Quiver');
% Change color to red
q.Color = 'r';
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hekimgil el 8 de Ag. de 2016
Thank you Anand. It did work but it slowed things much. Still, this seems to be the only way...

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Oskar Wilhelmsson
Oskar Wilhelmsson el 24 de Mzo. de 2018
I ran into a similar problem. Using "clf" in the beginning of the video loop will make sure the color is always the same, which is what I think you actually want.

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