How to create block simulink truetime

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Samah EL QASSAH on 4 Jun 2016
How can I create my own block simulink using the Truetime library below:
Please help.

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yuan on 4 Dec 2019
you have to unlock the block first , tap the icon at the bottom left corner!

Ashiqur Rahaman MOLLA
Ashiqur Rahaman MOLLA on 15 Sep 2021
Edited: Ashiqur Rahaman MOLLA on 15 Sep 2021
Download the zip archive from the TrueTime homepage. Then
1. Unpack all files to some suitable directory $DIR
2. Start Matlab R2012a or later and cd to $DIR
3. Run init_truetime.m (its in the unpack folder) to add the necessary Matlab paths (cd 'path_address') and to set the
TTKERNEL environment variable.
Issuing the command
>> truetime
from the Matlab prompt will now open the TRUETIME block library,after that you can just unblock it by clicking on the lock icon.


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