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How to make 'MinPeakDistance' consider first point close to last point in findpeaks ?

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Quentin CLÉMENT on 6 Jun 2016
Answered: Peter Cook on 15 Jun 2016
I am having trouble with findpeaks. I want to find the two highest peaks in a set of data, which are not too close from one another. I use the following function :
The problem is that I want it to consider the first points and the last ones as close to one another, like periodic boundary condition. Indeed, here it may return two peaks that are at the beginning and at the end of the data whereas their distance is smaller than min_distance considering periodic boundary condition.
How can I deal with this ?

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Peter Cook
Peter Cook on 15 Jun 2016
If your signal is periodic, you could try to circshift() the signal a couple times (by say, length(signal)/4 or length(signal)/3) and see if you get the same result.

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