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How do I display more than 16 columns of a cell array?

Asked by J S
on 7 Jun 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Pankaj Chauhan on 22 Jan 2018
I have an 11x65 cell array. If I open it in variable window, only 16 of the 65 columns are displayed. I found no option to change max number of cols. I found the problem in 2015a and 2016a. In 2012b, however, all 65 columns are shown. The problem does not occur with structs.
EDIT: Things are starting to get creepy: Today a big array (40000x65) first showed 24 columns, and then all the other columns as well. I don't know how to reproduce when it works and when it does not. Today, 2 large tables were also open in the variable window. Perhaps that's the motivation for MATLAB to also show the ramaining cell columns. Or maybe there is a connection to free RAM?


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Did you try celldisp()?
"number of columns fitting into the window" would depend upon the Workspace variables formatting preference or the formatting setting chosen for the variable in View -- but it doesn't.
I do agree, though, that it has something to do with the window width at the time you ask to view the variable, such as with openvar(). Windows below a certain width result in 16 columns being displayed; above the minimum width and up to some other width it is 24 columns; at some relatively wide point it gets to 32 columns. Possibly if someone were using a monitor wider than mine more columns could be reached.
@Image Analyst: celldisp() only prints the content in the command window, not variable window. @Walter Robertson: I extended Matlab over my 2 screens as far as I could (there is a limit). Same result.

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Answer by James Cheong on 20 Jul 2016
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 7 Sep 2016
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Hi there
I had the same problem as well after upgrading to R2016a but there's a MATLAB bug fix.
Hope that helps.


Thanks, that did the trick! URL didn't work for me, though (with au.)
Thank you, that trick worked for me...

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Answer by TREDWISE
on 14 Jul 2016
Edited by TREDWISE
on 14 Jul 2016

This glitch is affecting me as well for r2016 on Mac OS X


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