Convert ODE model in MATLAB to Simulink

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I have a ODE model in MATLAB but now I want to create a control system for it in SIMULINK. Which is the best way to use it inside simulink? Now I have a .m file that calls (with the solver ode45: [t,y] = ode45(@car,tpo,x0,[]);) to another m file where the ode are defined (car.m). So what I want is to convert the ca.m where 16 differential equations are defined to simulink with the least effort possible. I know that I can rewrite them in simulink with blocks but I want to know if there exists a more direct way to use the m code.
Thank you in advance

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Seth DeLand
Seth DeLand on 13 Feb 2012
Hi Javier,
The easiest way I can think of to convert would be to use a Level 2 MATLAB S-function in Simulink. If you've never used S-functions before, this is a good place to get started:
You can use the same code that you used in car.m for calculating the derivatives in your S-function (this will be in the Derivative function in the S-function). The msfcn_limintm.m S-function gives an example of how this can be done.
Because the outputs of the ODE solver are just the states, the Output function of you S-function should just grab the values of the states and set those as the outputs. This is also done in the msfcn_limintm.m example.
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Javier Guiterrez
Javier Guiterrez on 15 Feb 2012
Now I have checked it and it works. My current problem is that I make severeal precalculations previous to the derivatives because the coeficients of the ODE are time varying. Apart from the states I want to export some of these values calculated in the derivatives subfunctions. I have enlarged the output number and introduced it as input and out parameters of the different subfunctions inside the m file of the S-function, but the first time it appears (as an output parameter of the derivatives it says that it does not exist)
For example: [sys,g]=derivatives(t,x,u)
In the first call to derivatives it says that it is not defined yet.
Is it possible to do this? Thank you in advance

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