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how to control my datetick() axes

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Adam on 13 Feb 2012
hi guys
i am trying to use datetick() in combination with a subplot. Program fetches data from a device and updates the plot each time i recieve a sample. That means that the vector i am plotting keeps getting larger and larger.
I have some problem with the axes and the resolution of my plot. It seems like there is a fixed time interval between the date ticks, and if the firs data point of my data has a time that is in between this interval, the plot line starts out in the middle of the plot. Is there a way to control the interval between the date ticks ??
Another question: when using the "data cursor" tool, in the toolbar of my figure window, it only shows the datenum ID number. Is it possible to make it show the date tick instead?
here is my plotting code:
datetick('x','dd-mmm HH:MM:SS')
title('Frequency vs time')
ylabel('Frequency [mHz]')
grid on


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Accepted Answer

Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 13 Feb 2012
take a look at the parameters for datetick. I guess the "keeplimits" is what you are looking for. For the second question: yes, it is.
doc datacursormode
and look at the example for the property "updatefcn".


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