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Error when running deployed stand-alone application that uses mex files for c++ code

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Hi All,
I have created a standalone application using deploytool, which runs perfectly on the development computer. However, on other computers I get the error message "Error using mex. No supported compiler or sdk was found". The error is generated by the following line: "eval(['mex -g ', mexDistanceFile])", where mexDistanceFile is a c++ file. I am using Matlab R2014b. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Kirby Fears
Kirby Fears el 22 de Jun. de 2016
Editada: Kirby Fears el 22 de Jun. de 2016
That error is thrown because the mex command attempts to compile a c++ file into .mex. You probably don't have the compiler on other machines. The code you distribute to other computers should be calling the pre-compiled library, not attempting to compile it again.
Check out this link describing how to compile a .mex file and then use it afterward.
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RJ el 28 de Jul. de 2016
Huge apologies for the delay in replying and thank you very much for your help. I think, your solution solved my problem. Thanks again!!

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