using solve command does not return a single simplified soln

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I am using the command solve however instead of returning a single number (which is possible because I can do it by hand) it returns 'some value1 + some value2'
s = 1j*w;
A = 0.3;
B = 8e-8;
C = 7e-5;
D = 3.5;
syms Kp Ki x
PI=Kp + Ki/s
eqn = x -pi/2 + angle(Gs) == 2*pi/3
soln = solve(eqn,x)
soln =
(7*pi)/6 + 7011494199134999/4503599627370496
the problem is that if I try and operate on 'soln' I dont get a simplified can I get matlab to simplify that answer into 1 number?
for example: tan(soln)
ans =
tan((7*pi)/6 + 7011494199134999/4503599627370496)

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Jake G
Jake G on 22 Jun 2016
I figured it out, using double(x) worked

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