closing figures with Ctrl+F4

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yonathan nativ
yonathan nativ on 1 Aug 2016
Answered: Jamie on 18 Nov 2019
closing a figure using Ctrl+F4 started pooping a 'save as' dialog, how do I stop this? (I started using R2016a)
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Jamie on 5 Jul 2018
I have this problem also and I haven't found a solution. It is extremely annoying.

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Answers (1)

Jamie on 18 Nov 2019
I am also having this problem. Yes, it is extremely annoying.
In R2019a it appears to be somehow connected to the menu bar, and if I disable the menu bar, it suppresses the behavior.
This exhibits the problem:
f = figure;
(press Ctrl-F4)
This does not exhibit the problem:
f = figure('MenuBar', 'none');
(press Ctrl-F4)
Most of the time I can live without the menu bar, so this is an acceptable workaround.


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