How to import a file with (*.xml) extension from Solidworks 2015 to Simulink 2013a

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I'm trying to import a model from Solidworks 2015 to Simulink of Matlab 2013a, I followed all the instructions from the mathwors site but the problem is that there is a problem when importing the (*.xml) file to Simulink and the error is shown in the figure below.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 17 Nov 2021
Edited: Steve Miller on 17 Nov 2021
There are a few potential problems with the MATLAB session shown above:
  1. Did you create the XML file using the SolidWorks Plugin for Simscape Multibody?
  2. mech_import() is for First Generation Technology, smimport() is for Second Generation technology. Try smimport('valve.xml').
  3. You need to pass the name of the XML file to the function as an input argument.

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