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Code highlighting is erratic in app deisgner

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The code highlighting in the app designer 'code view' is erratic. See the attached screen capture. I am using MATLAB 2016b on MAC OS X El Capitan (10.11.5). I cannot roll back to 2016a as the editor is very slow and .mlapp files between 2016a and 2016b are not compatible. Is there a fix known for this?

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal on 8 Oct 2016
I believe this a rare issue that affects some apps when first loaded from 16a to 16b. While the syntax highlighting is off, the execution and code logic for your app is not affected. My suggestion would be to save the app under a different filename, then edit your code and re-run. I believe this will prevent the incorrect syntax highlighting from happening again. I've notified the development team as well to see if there is a different solution.
Chris Portal
Chris Portal on 10 Oct 2016
Thanks for the update Kapil and workaround you've identified. I've passed it along to the team to help with their assessment of the issue.

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