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how to resolve "Unsupported Linux distro" issue when installing RTL-SDR support package

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I'm trying to install the Communications System Toolbox Support Package for RTL-SDR Radio on Majaro Linux, and I keep getting an error at the step where I am supposed to chose from the listbox (with only 1 entry). After claiming "Unsupported linux distro" the installer simply crashes (no error code). When running srdinfo I only get an empty result, so I guess the actual driver has not been installed. Is there a way to do it manually or persuade Matlab that I am using another distro e.g. Arch?

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José-Luis on 10 Oct 2016
Well, not even Arch Linux is supported by Matlab.
If you're really lucky, and you weren't, nothing will break with unsupported distros. I have no idea how you can fool Matlab into believing it's a distro other than the one it actually is and, anyway, I don't believe it's a good idea: you don't know what you might be breaking.

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Ethem on 10 Jan 2017
RTL-SDR Support Package installation has two phases. In the first phase MathWorks provided files are installed and third party software downloaded. In the second phase (the one that fails in your case), the hardware is prepared to work with the installed software.
You can try to install librtlsdr manually on your Linux computer following the instructions in "". Once you have librtlsdr installed under "/usr/local/lib", you should be able to use the RTL-SDR Support Package. However, there may still be incompatibilities due to different Linux distros.

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Philippe Fischer
Philippe Fischer on 10 Jan 2017
Wow, thanks, that's really helpful. I didn't consider that Mathworks would be using the GNU Radio resources. I should be able to get that running under my architecture, too.

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