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How to set names to column vectors?

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Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 10 Oct 2016
Commented: George on 10 Oct 2016
Hi my friends, how to set name to columns vectors?, for instance these? disp(C) 15.5528 601.4385 11.8749 129.4530 13.2851 270.5859 9.9169 3.4992 20.6769 936.8461 12.1105 436.2808 16.3999 768.1774


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George on 10 Oct 2016
If you want to associate a variable name with a piece of data I think your best bet is to use a table instead.
If you just want to display formatted text you can use sprintf().


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George on 10 Oct 2016
Assuming that matrix is called myMatrix
A = table(myMatrix, 'VariableNames', {'Temp', 'Irr'});
will create a table variable of the matrix and name the variables Temp and Irr.
Guillaume on 10 Oct 2016
The correct syntax to convert a matrix into a table is:
A = array2table(myMatrix, 'VariableNames', {'Temp', 'Irr'});
The table constructor expects one input per column, not a matrix of columns. The above will result in an error.
George on 10 Oct 2016
Oops, that's correct. Good catch. I was recalling that he had said column vectors.

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