Compiling Database toolbox commands into matlab executable

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I have an application which connects to mySQL database thru matlab database toolbox. I can successfully import and export information from database tables.
Now, i need to deploy my application onto a machine where there is no matlab installation.
My question is does MCR suuports database toolbox..??? Can i deploy my application with database toolbox without much hassle...???
ANy help is very much appreciated.
Thank you very much.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 1 Mar 2012
This page states that all command-line functionality of the Database Toolbox can be compiled, but that querybuilder and the toolbox GUIs cannot.
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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 1 Mar 2012
Exactly. One thing that you might keep in mind: if you use a jdbc driver remember to add it to your compiled application as you did within MATLAB.

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Siamak Mohebbi
Siamak Mohebbi on 9 Aug 2019
Matlab's MEX compiler/wrapper allows for the resident compiler (not mcc) to compiler into a Matlab standalone database related access routine(s) (C, C++) , like ODBC. Assuming that the one can resolve the type case of different variable types, it is very well possible to create a standalone Matlab routine bypassing the Matlab compiler deficiency of not supporting Matlab Database toolbox calls in their stand alone library.
Note: The resident compiler (ie. MS-C++ 5.0, 6.0, Borland Builder 5.0, 6.0, etc.) must be compatible with the version of the Matlab's MEX.

linda willis
linda willis on 15 Aug 2020
Say I have included the jdbc file in my app files. Will this app work well in a PC without MySQL.

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