Help regarding implementation of SIFT in matlab

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wanted to know that how can we implement SIFT algorithm in matlab to compare two images and find the level of similarity in it..... i have seen many codes that has 'vl_sift' in it.. but since i am kind of new in this field so could u please guide as how can i use SIFT functions,

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lucy on 13 Apr 2012 have you looked at this website..?
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harpreet  kaur
harpreet kaur on 28 Jan 2015
Edited: harpreet kaur on 28 Jan 2015
@lucy I tried the SIFT code given on the site and ran the code on MATLAB 2013a. But this is for detecting and extracting features in two different images and then matching the same. Plz help to detectextract and even MATCH keypoints in a single image.(Basically I want to detect copy move forgery)

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