Neural Network

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mohammad on 2 Mar 2012
Please give me some information about neural network in MATLAB
SO Many Thanks
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mohammad on 2 Mar 2012
Extra explanation:
I have a project about using Neural Network in finding same signals between many signals.
There are 500 signals ( in .xls format). some of these signals are similar with together (peak numbers, peak height, position of peaks almost are the same between similar signals).
Now I must find these similar signals and put every similar group in a separated folder. For doing this I must use Neural Network but I have too low information about that.
Please give me some information and refer me some references about Neural Network. Also so many thanks for giving any idea about doing this project.

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Accepted Answer

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 4 Mar 2012
The technique you should use is called clustering. I would search the Newsgroup and documentaion using combinations of the search words
cluster k-means kmeans SOM
and the commands
lookfor help doc
Hope this helps.
PS: I am partial to kmeans
mohammad on 4 Mar 2012
So many many thanks Greg
Please check your mail.

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