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How to connect wheel and road in simscape multibody?

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LFFF el 27 de Oct. de 2016
Comentada: Dinesh Thirumurugan el 5 de Jun. de 2018
we are using simscape multibody for simulating a bicycle and its stability. Our problem is to get the connection between the wheels and the ground so that the bicycle moves foreward owing to the rotation of the wheels.
Thank you very much for any kind of help!
Kind regards
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ffsyhah el 19 de Mzo. de 2017
May I know how you build the bicycle model in simulink? this sure be big help. Thanks in advanced :)

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Lucas Lebert
Lucas Lebert el 6 de Dic. de 2016
Hi Lennart and Florian, the modeling of contact forces can not be modeled with the normal blocks in the Simscape Multibody library. However Steve Miller (from the MathWorks) has created a library, which solves this restriction: Please have a look at the example "Friction_04_Disk_Rolling_on_Ramp.slx" in the folder ...Examples\2D\Simple\Friction. As usual, the library from Steve is exceptionally documented and I think with this example you will be able to use the blocks in your applications.
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Dinesh Thirumurugan
Dinesh Thirumurugan el 5 de Jun. de 2018
But the contact force library does not help much with the leaning of the bike since it considers the wheel as the whole sphere moving along the floor, so is there a way to model the contact force to make the bicycle lean on either sides.

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