No Nominal voltage and Power settings in PMSM block of SimPower systems

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I am using a PMSM block from SimPower Systems for simulation. I am not able to use any Preset model in which Nominal voltage and Power rating of motor is specified because all of them are high voltage (above 300V) models. I want to simulate 48V/3.5kW motor but I cannot specify the Voltage and power ratings in PMSM block. However the same facility is available in Asynchronous motor block.
Why the 'Nominal voltage and Power' settings are not provided in PMSM block?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
This answer is too late for the asker but is being updated as part of an effort to clean up Matlab Answers:
unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to take nominal power and voltage to characterize a PMSM. The easiest approach is to find a real motor that has those parameters in your range and look at the data sheet (or ask the vendor for information) in regards to the other parameters. If you have the actual motor, there are tests you can run to estimate the paramters.
The motor control blockset does have tools to help estimate these parameters:


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