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How can I add a live image to UIAxes in App Designer for MATLAB R2016b?

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Tim B.
Tim B. on 8 Nov 2016
Answered: Denis Perrone on 16 Jan 2020
I am using MATLAB R2016b on a Mac. I have tried the following which results in a black box with the specified dimensions (640x480) showing up in the UIAxes:
vid = videoinput('macvideo', 1);
hImage = image(app.UIAxes1, zeros(640,480,3));
preview(vid, hImage);
I get this error message:
Error using imaqdevice/preview (line 176)
There is no ALimMode property on the UIAxes class.
Is preview not supported in App Designer yet?

Accepted Answer

Chris Portal
Chris Portal on 9 Nov 2016
The Image Acquisition Toolbox PREVIEW function does not support UIAXES in R2016b yet, but the toolbox team is aware of the customer need.

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Denis Perrone
Denis Perrone on 16 Jan 2020
I do not know if this works in 2016. But try this.
hf_Preview = figure('Toolbar','none',...
'Menubar', 'none',...
'Name','Preview Window');
ha = axes(hf_Preview);
vid = videoinput('macvideo', 1);
hImage = image(zeros(640,480,3), 'Parent', ha);
preview(vid, hImage);

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