Parallel computing is posible in simscape SimPowerSystem?

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Hello my friends, i'd like to know wether is possible to speed up my simulations based in Simulink and Simscape (SPS), trough parallel computing, is it possible or is just a tool of matlab to accelerate of the script executions?
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Amr Awny
Amr Awny on 24 Jul 2022
I am trying to find a way , but I couldn't figure it out , If you have reached to a solution would you please share it with me

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Prannay Jain
Prannay Jain on 15 Nov 2016
Yes, parallel computing is possible in Simulink. Refer to this document for more details:
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Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 16 Nov 2016
Thank you for your answer my colleague, it is very appreciate, but finally i have seen that for SimpowerSystem (Physics Modelling) does not work.

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