How do I pass simulink start and stop times to simulink from a .m file called by appdesigner created GUI.

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I have a .m file which I am running that launches a simulink model using _
tstart = 0.096;
tend = 0.011;
and using simulation model configuration dialog box in simulink to define simulation Start time and simulation Stop time to 'tstart' and 'tend' respecctively.
Can I pass the start and stop times parametrically using something like:

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David Barry
David Barry el 12 de Dic. de 2016
Yes. StartTime and StopTime are the Model Parameters that you can set from the command line. The full list of model parameters can be found at

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Berkin Birol
Berkin Birol el 25 de Dic. de 2019
One additional answer. If you plan to use tstart and tend parametric, then this works:
tstart = "0.096";
tend = "0.011";


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