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FM Stereo Receiver using RTL-SDR in Matlab

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Kamil Lusa
Kamil Lusa on 13 Dec 2016
Commented: Kamil Lusa on 10 Jan 2017
Hi! I try to build own version of fm stereo receiver by modificate script from this article . Is it possible to demodulate signal and receive FM Radio by increasing sample rate of RTL-SDR (f.ex. from 0.24 MSPS to 2.4 MSPS) ?


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Accepted Answer

Ethem on 10 Jan 2017
You can change the sample rate. But, you need to make sure that all the other sample rates in the system are also modified to keep them in sync and compatible.

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Kamil Lusa
Kamil Lusa on 10 Jan 2017
Thank You for answer :) When I change sample rate and (proportionally) number of samples per frame on SDRRTLReceiver object and change samplerate on FMBroadcastDemodulator object, it works perfectly, but currently I have problem with decoding RDS signals when I increase samplerate (from 0.228MSPS to 2.28 MSPS).

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