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I have several sub folders where I have images. I want to use imwrite for those images and get all of them in a folder. Thanks.

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I have several sub-folders where I have images. I want to use sprintf and imwrite tool for the output of those images and get all of the output images in a folder. Thanks in advance.

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Philip G
Philip G on 10 Feb 2017
Hi, I am not sure what exactly you want to do with sprintf and what you mean with "output of the images" but ...
There are functions in the file exchange that list all files in all subdirectories. I use this one for example: subdir
Now you use that very easily like:
files = subdir('c:/images/*.jpg');
With the file list you can make a loop to open+process all the images.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Feb 2017
The built-in dir() can also do this with R2016b, as my attached example shows, so there's no need for some third party code.
% Specify the file pattern.
% Get ALL files using the pattern *.PNG
% Note the special file pattern. It has /**/ in it if you want to get files in subfolders of the top level folder.
filePattern = sprintf('%s/**/*.PNG', topLevelFolder);
allFileInfo = dir(filePattern);
Or you can use genpath() like my other attached example if you have older versions of MATLAB.


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