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How can I give my fit plot the same color as the data points?

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jeferia_tue on 15 Dec 2016
Commented: jeferia_tue on 15 Dec 2016
Of course, a similar question was asked already here . But it didn't fit for my problem. What I have is:
fig1 = figure(1)
plot(x1,y1,'.','markersize',14, 'markeredgecolor', [0 0 1]);
plot(x1,polyval(fit1,x1,'-'), 'markeredgecolor', [0 0 1]);
But doesn't matter wich color code I type in, Matlab changes the color of the fitplot graph. How can I solve this problem?

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 15 Dec 2016
Not super clear description, a picture would help but:
Are you sure you don't mean to use the 'Color' property instead of 'markeredgecolor' for the second plot?
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jeferia_tue on 15 Dec 2016
oh man.....yes..of course...this was the problem.^^ Thank you.

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