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r.vaghefi on 22 Dec 2016
Edited: Dave on 10 Aug 2017
Recently, when I open MATLAB, my cpu usage goes up drastically, even when MATLAB is idle. I checked task manager and MATLAB.exe uses 10% of cpu and svchost.exe uses 20%. When I close MATLAB, MATLAB.exe disappears and also svchost usage goes down to 1 or 2%. It happens every time. I checked Resource Monitor and it is UxSms service that uses all the portion of svchost.exe when MATLAB is running and it disappears if I close MATLAB. any solution?
I think it is related to Graphic Card, but I reinstall my graphic card driver and still have this issue.


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Kevin GETIN on 6 Jul 2017
Ok, so as Adam Law said in his comment, using an older version of graphic card driver seems to have fixed the issue for me.
For those that can help, I uninstalled the driver version of my Intel HD Graphics 4600. And with previous version, everything seems to be back to normal.
Andreas on 14 Jul 2017
Same issue here wird Intel HD Grapgics 4600 (
None of the mentioned workaround (opengl, aero) workes here.
Matlab R2016b.
Dave on 10 Aug 2017
Same issue on Dell laptop with 4400 and driver version
The workaround is to Open MATLAB, Stop the UxSms service, close MATLAB, reopen MATLAB and then start the UxSms services again. It's a pain but it works for me.
I think I'll try rolling back the driver to see if that works.
For what it's worth I had contacted MATLAB support who had no solution but thought it was a Dell custom video driver issue. (They typically are not using the same version as the Intel driver and I cannot install the Intel driver--it says I need to get the OEM version from Dell.)
Turning of Aero also works but that causes other problems such as the MATLAB Editor window being completely blank.

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Philipp Dehnen
Philipp Dehnen on 4 Jan 2017
i have exactly the same issue since about 3 weeks. The problem seems to be correlated with the desktop windows manager called dwm.exe which have also about 2% cpu time. I don't have a real solution but i figured out two workarounds to work with matlab without high cpu usage and the following battery leak:
#1 start matlab out of the command line from windows with: matlab -softwareopengl
But on my machine i do not have any graphic smoothing anymore.
#2 switch to a windows basic design with high contrast and than start matlab normally
The basic design do not need dwm.exe and the cpu goes back to normal 0-1%. After matlab startup you should be able to return the previous design without troubles (at least on my machine).
Hope this helps temporary but is long-dated not satisfactorily.

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Adam Law
Adam Law on 19 May 2017
This works, temporarily. As soon as I plot something, the static 10% usage comes back from both Matlab and the UxSms service.

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r.vaghefi on 13 Jun 2017
None of these methods works for me. It still have the problem with MATLAB and UxSms. I cannot disbale UxSms as well, because it makes Windows ugly. Matlab should fix this problem because it only happens when I open Matlab


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