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How to convert a stack of medical images in the work space into .png without losing information?

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Sara Salimi
Sara Salimi on 29 Dec 2016
Commented: Walter Roberson on 29 Dec 2016
I have a stack of medical images that I need to convert them into png or any other image format. It is, for example, 281x389x104 (i.e., 104 images, Width: 281 and Height: 389). The files are in .mhd and .raw format. After reading that, how can I convert each slice into an image format without losing information?
Your help is appreciated
Many thanks


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Answers (1)

Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 29 Dec 2016
for i = 1:104
currentImage = YourData(:,:,i);
currentFileName = ['YourFileName', num2str(i), '.png'];
Should work.

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