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"R2016b+" When submitting a bug report

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Greg on 24 Jan 2017
Commented: the cyclist on 12 Apr 2017
Does anybody know what the "R2016b+" drop down option is about when submitting a bug report? I haven't seen any reference to an update to R2016b, and "+" doesn't follow the "SP#" convention they usually use for updated releases.


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Accepted Answer

Mike Sasena
Mike Sasena on 12 Apr 2017
MathWorks sometimes does what is called a "web release". These are new products that were added after the "main release" when the DVDs were first shipped. They are however included in the current download from the website, hence the name "web release". For example, Powertrain Blockset was released on our website in October 2016, one month after R2016b shipped. Therefore, we say it is a "R2016b+" product.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 24 Jan 2017
Edited: the cyclist on 24 Jan 2017
I don't know, but I did notice that the only Product choices in that category are "Powertrain Blockset" and "ThingSpeak", so I'm guessing that release is specific to those applications.

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Greg on 24 Jan 2017
It appears (I may be totally wrong) that ThingSpeak doesn't require MATLAB. That got me thinking maybe it's something along those lines. However, Powertrain Blockset does require MATLAB, so I don't know.
Thanks for going the extra step and picking that up; I've never tried selecting it in the drop down.

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