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how to simulate a resistor?

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mohsen aghazade
mohsen aghazade el 31 de En. de 2017
Comentada: mohsen aghazade el 3 de Feb. de 2017
ok so i want to build a matlab function block to do something(emulating a variable resistor and control quantity of that by a specific algorithm) and also i want to connect it to a PV array. it seems these two blocks (MATLAB function and PV array) wont connect to gather. any suggestion? also my plan B will be a variable resistor which its quantity determined by MATLAB function block. unfortunately there is not a variable resistor for PV array (SimPowerSystem). really need some suggestion and help.. tanx

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Lucas Lebert
Lucas Lebert el 3 de Feb. de 2017
Hi Mohsen! Well, technically it depends which output/input signal you would like to connect to a MATLAB function block. Input Signals lr, T and the output signal m is a Simulink signal. Therefore you can connect it to a MATLAB function block. The other two ports (+ and -) are physical signals. These can only be connected to electrical connector port. The MATLAB function block does not have these kinds of ports. Regarding your question on how to implement a variable resistor I would like you to take a look at the following link:
Have a great day,
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mohsen aghazade
mohsen aghazade el 3 de Feb. de 2017
thank you so much. that was helpful

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