The Analysis has been stop by timeout(after 86400 seconds).

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Nikhil Chaudhari
Nikhil Chaudhari el 1 de Feb. de 2017
Respondida: Lucas Lebert el 3 de Feb. de 2017
Polyspace R2016b job got failed due to timeout after 24 hours in 0% itself on server. Job manager showing as the job completed.but in actual the job got failed.

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Lucas Lebert
Lucas Lebert el 3 de Feb. de 2017
Hi Nikhil, the reason for this error is most likely the size and the complexity of the application.
I would like you to analyze your code using the Polyspace Bug Finder. Using the Bug Finder is much faster and by finding and eliminating possible bugs in the code the probability, that a timeout occurs using the Code Prover decreases. One possible workaround is to use a less precise mode. You can change this in Configuration>Code Prover Verification > Precision, where you choose a smaller "Precision level" then the current one.
Another possibility would be to verify the files independently(-unit-by-unit):
You can also split up the verification manually in multiple modules and then perform the analysis.
At last you can also re-launch the verification with the following options: 1. -no-inactivity-monitoring (in "Other" of the Advanced Settings) 2. precision/level0 (in Code Prover Verification-> Precision -> Precision Level) 3. -k-limiting
If none of the suggestions mentioned above resolve the issue I would like you to contact the Technical Support.
Have a great day,

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