How to use the Computer Vision System Toolbox OpenCV Interface?

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I've download the OpenCV 3.1.0 and correctly installed the Computer Vision System Toolbox OpenCV Interface. I followed these instructions:
The whole process was ok, the examples run properly.
Now, I'm very confused, because I'm trying to run the built-in functions of OpenCV in Matlab, but I can't understand how. It seems like there is no way to do this. Some sources tell that I have to write the C++ code myself, but I don't know the C++ language. Instead this link confirms that it is possible:
My purpose is to use the feature detector, to extract keypoints from an image using the Harris corner algorithm.
Please, could someone help me? I need a guide... which OpenCV functions I have to call? How?
Thank you very much, kind regards.

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Tohru Kikawada
Tohru Kikawada on 21 Feb 2017
If you just want to use Harris corner detection algorithm, try detectHarrisFeatures function to do this. You don't need coding a C++ wrapper.

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