How can I draw a mesh into a block mask/ icon?

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Torsten Knodt
Torsten Knodt el 2 de Feb. de 2017
Respondida: Lucas Lebert el 3 de Feb. de 2017
Hello, I have a masked Simulink block. Now I want to draw a mesh into the icon. Unfortunately the mesh is drawn into an own window, instead of into the icon. "plot" on the other side works correctly.
Is there a solution to this?
Thanks in Advance Torsten Knodt

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Lucas Lebert
Lucas Lebert el 3 de Feb. de 2017
Hi Torsten, the mesh command is not supported as a Mask icon drawing command. You can find a list of supported commands in the following link under "Mask icon drawing commands": As a workaround you can plot the mesh in MATLAB, create an image from it and display it in the block mask using the "image" command. Have a great day, Lucas

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