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RTL-SDR hardware support package failure. 1 Link broken

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Sy Liao
Sy Liao on 6 Feb 2017
Edited: Ethem on 25 Feb 2017
Using "add-ons" - "get hardware support packages" - "install from internet" , there are 4 links needs to be downloaded.
RTL-SDR Precompiled Windows Libraries
However, the first 3 links could be downloaded, the last link is broken.
Could someone help me with this? thanks.


Sy Liao
Sy Liao on 7 Feb 2017
the error looks like this:
Urgently need help...
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Feb 2017
git clone git://
It can also be browsed via cgit, and there's an official mirror on github that also provides packaged releases.

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Answers (2)

Philip Heinisch
Philip Heinisch on 7 Feb 2017
I have the same problem and unfortunately there seems to be no option to manually download the necessary files or change the URL. It seems the only possibility is to either make Mathworks aware of this problem or ask someone at osmocom to restore the URL.


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